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“When Enough Is Enough”

Being hurt in an accident can seem like cruel misfortune, especially if you've been the victim of negligence or reckless behavior in Southern California or elsewhere in the United States.  You may feel a deep sense of injustice, you may be buried with bills, or you may be waiting for the other party to "do the right thing." For all these reasons - and others - you should contact the experienced attorneys at Keith J. Stone.

Accident victims deserve an attorney who puts people over profits

Few things are worse than when a young father is killed by a drunk driver, a child is mauled by a neighbor's vicious dog, or a woman is paralyzed after slipping and falling on an unsafe surface while out shopping.

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San Diego-based injury attorney Keith J. Stone has seen hundreds of such cases and has learned to empathize with his clients. Their pain is a source of strength for him to fight all the way until justice is done. Keith Stone's clients have repeatedly mentioned a feeling of ease and confidence from the first meeting on — which is quite unexpected in a law office. Here are a few examples of how Keith Stone is different:

  • Keith Stone emphasizes the team approach with his clients. You are not left in the dark as to what happens next and what the issues are. Alternatives and their consequences are explained; we help you make the right decisions.
  • When you call Keith, his office reacts immediately. Keith's team knows you need help. If you are unable to come over to the office, they will meet you at your place.
  • This may be your first time hiring a lawyer, so Keith will make the experience as comfortable as possible, explaining the issues, detailing the process, keeping you informed, and putting clear choices on the table. There are no "bad" questions.
  • With nine doctors in his family, Keith is no stranger to medical terminology and can go with you to your medical exams if you desire. Understanding doctors and having a trusted network in the medical world, he'll make sure you find the right kind of doctor for your injuries to get the highest compensation permitted by law.

Drivers: Request Keith's FREE auto accident glove box insert so you and your family will be prepared in case you are involved in a car crash.  Order one for every driver in your family!

If you or someone you care for has sustained injuries which are partially or entirely caused by someone else, you probably need all the help you can get. The Law Office of Keith J. Stone handles claims for injuries in Southern California caused by:

 ¿Habla usted español? Tenemos una oficina bilingüe y puede ayudarle!

 By calling Keith Stone, you aren't blindly committing yourself. By calling Keith, you will receive clear information from a skilled, aggressive, and compassionate attorney. A free, no commitment discussion of your case with Keith Stone will clarify the issues at stake and allow you to decide what to do. Call Keith Stone now at (619) 531-2022, or contact his office via email.

These are attorney Keith J. Stone's main areas of focus:

Auto Accidents

A serious car crash in Southern California can be life shattering, and even though you may be overwhelmed by grief, pain and suffering, you still have to deal with dozens of questions, all of them urgent and important. Learn how San Diego-based auto accident attorney Keith J. Stone can help make this process easier for you. And don't forget to order FREE auto accident glove box inserts for you and your family.

Dog Bites

It is unacceptable when defenseless people are attacked by vicious dogs that are not under the complete control of their owner. The severity of injuries brought on by a dog is amplified by the pain and terror such an attack inflicts, and may last a lifetime. Attorney Keith J. Stone has handled many such cases in Southern California and elsewhere in the U.S. and will aggressively pursue justice for the victims.

Premises Liability

Public and private buildings and facilities attracting visitors or built for the use of people in San Diego are supposed to be safe. But when they are not well designed, poorly maintained, not supervised or mismanaged, these premises can become dangerous and inflict serious injuries on unsuspecting people. San Diego slip and fall attorney Keith J. Stone explains your rights to compensation after an accident on unsafe premises.

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